Friday, August 29, 2008

Bhajan from Shri. Sukumar Canada

A beautiful Kirthanam from Shri. Sukumar Canada.

Bhajan : "വാതാലയേശന്റെ വാതില്ക്കല്‍നില്‍ക്കുംപോള്‍ "
Vathalayesante Vathilkkalnilkkumpol)

written by Sukumar Canada, sung by Anilkumar Palghat.

(click on the play button to listen to the bhajan)


Lakshmi said...

dear Sukumarji,
Thanks for your beautiful song. Anilkumar has sung it very well too, giving a very peaceful mental attitude.
Thanks again
Sreedevi an N.V.P .Menon

Hariharan said...

Nice song. May god bless u and ur family. Upload more songs.

mani and usha said...

Namaskarams Dr.Sukumar ji,

Thank your for your wonderful, meeningfull bhajan "vathalayesante vathilkal nilkumbol".While hearing the song itself ente dhuridhangal njan marannu.Both lyrics and anilkumar voice are too good.I used to read your bhagavatham nithyaparayanam daily for the past forty days.I expect more bhajans from you with the blessing from guruvayurappan. May lord guruvayurappan bless you and your family.
Om namo bhagavathe vasudevaya,